About Cassa

Cassa was established with the three core principles of integrity, reliability and providing a comprehensive solution, our records clearly show how deeply we value these principles, and each member of our team lives these every day. We aspire to have the maximum levels of client satisfaction by regularly communicating with our clients to keep them updated and informed about their portfolios. The company was setup in response to a need for a professional, reliable and transparent recovery solution that medium to large institutions in the UAE could rely on for best results. We also operate with complete transparency and exclusively in the best interests of our clients.

Business Partners

Geographic network – In order to service our clients effectively, we have partnered with various debt and payment recovery firms in some of the key markets. This enables us to have a wider reach to access and find solutions for our clients for those debtors who may not be in the UAE.

Legal Recovery – In addition, we have also partnered with several law firms such as Al Tamimi & Co. (the largest law firm in the UAE) to execute legal procedures if required while recovering debt and payments.