CASSA Payment Services

CASSA Payment Services Co. LLC (“CPS”) is a Dubai based payment solutions and service provider registered with Dubai Economy with license number 1173202 and based at 406-01 The Bridge, Al Hebiah Fourth, Dubai Sports City, PO Box 36244, Dubai, UAE.

CPS aims to provide payment services solutions to a diverse group of businesses such as banks, financial institutions, law firms, telecommunication companies, etc. Companies that would generally benefit from services offered by CPS will consist of businesses that require bespoke payment solutions or have substantial owed payments or receivables in the market.

Some of the key payment solutions services offered by CPS include


Debt collection for banks, financial institutions, mortgage brokers etc. CPS uses a network of collections agencies located in some of the key markets such as Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, India and Pakistan to offer bespoke solutions for collections and receivables restructuring.


Payment solutions for clients who require third party services in remote and under banked areas of the world. A multiple tiered approach is used in these cases and a customised solution is undertaken keeping in mind all required compliance and statutory regulations.


Escrow solutions for transactions ranging from real estate, M&A, as well as equity. Our escrow services can also be provided on ongoing basis for longer terms at attractive rates and terms. Law firms and non-banking financial institutions generally benefit the most from these services from CPS.

Core Values

  • Executing our scope of work in strict confidence and in compliance with local and international laws and regulations.
  • Focusing on a creative “problem solving” approach by educating payers on best settlement solutions, without compromising our client’s rights and benefits.
  • Executing payment collection services in the most secure manner, including adhering to confidentiality, protecting clients’ rights.
  • Implementing and adhering to strict privacy policies that apply to all types of actions before, during, and after payment settlement.
  • Instil trust and track record with clients by using its proprietary collection approach in order to make sure there is no loss or leakage.

Key Competencies

  • Understanding the values of time and money, thereby, working smarter not longer.
  • Creating strategic alliances with external channel partners and lawyers to handle payment defaulters.
  • Offering diverse payment collection services including collecting debts and accounts receivables in all stages, for different sectors.
  • Incorporating best Industry practices for collecting and making payments.
  • Maintaining extremely ethical and highly professional standards.
  • Providing a comprehensive package which includes trained employees for chasing payers who are also supported by our lawyers, consultants, finance specialists and our affiliation with internationally leading credit monitoring institutions.

Debt Collection Services

Get your due and overdue payments collected in an efficient and professional manner!

As a reputable and experienced debt collection agency, we understand the stress and frustration that comes with collecting dues and outstanding debts, and we know exactly how to help.

Our focus is on maximizing debt recovery while maintaining a professional and progressive relationship with your customers. Let us help you protect your business interests and simplify the debt collection process for you.

Our multi-disciplined team is highly adept in the practice of debt collection, and that is why our clients commend us on our knowledgeable approach. We offer operational and legal support with the following debt collection services.

Bank Debt

Bank Debt

Due & Overdue
Bounced Cheques

Bounced Cheques



Due & Overdue
Personal Debt

Personal Debt

In each of the above cases, we carry out several operational stages to ensure a customised approach in relation to each client and we have found this to be one of our key strengths to ensure a higher than expected success rate. Some of the process stages include:


Client Due Diligence


Amicable Settlements & Solutions


Post Negotiation Solutions


Enforcement Solutions

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the most reliable and trustworthy payment solutions provider and collection agency in the Middle East, Africa & North African markets.

Mission Statement

We intend to achieve our vision by offering the highest level of service in a professional and competitive and reliable manner.

Business Partners

Geographic network – In order to service our clients effectively, we have partnered with various debt and payment recovery firms in some of the key markets. This enables us to have a wider reach to access and find solutions for our clients for those debtors who may not be in the UAE.

Legal Recovery – In addition, we have also partnered with several law firms such as Al Tamimi & Co. (the largest law firm in the UAE) to execute legal procedures if required while recovering debt and payments.